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Pay Per Click Advertising

A pay per click advertising campaign to market your website is very beneficial. It is the second most frequently used advertising method after search engine optimization. A pay per click campaign can be relatively cheap. Many of the adwords on Yahoo and Google are as low as $0.05 per click through. The more popular a search term the higher the cost per click. Many search terms for doctors and lawyers cost a lot, because each click through is very valuable. Many are between $10.00 to $50.00 per click.


  accident attorney Michigan   $ 50.40
  Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer    $ 46.52
  truck accident lawyers   $ 44.52
  car accident attorney   $ 34.35
  mesothelioma doctors   $ 43.89


  student loan consolidation   $ 62.59
  home equity line of credit    $ 40.15
  insurance quotes   $32.34

The advantages of a pay per click campaign, is the relative low cost, and that it can quickly draw a lot of traffic to your website. The sponsored listings (PPC ads), on the top of the search engine results page (SERP), are in a prominent position and can easily be identified by colored backrounds or space delineation between the organic or natural results. The word "sponsored" can also be found.

The sponsored results have a certain degree of credibility, as most people believe that the search engines would not accept an unreliable advertiser. In addition, the prominence of the sponsored listings at the top of the SERP enhances branding and business recognition. This is important to many companies as it builds their brand and enhances business credibility. A small business, appearing at the top of a particular search result, appears equal to any large company to the searchers.

The positions in the sponsored listings are determined by bidding. The highest bidder gets the top position, the second highest the next position and so forth. In creating a pay per click campaign, you can choose the keywords or terms that you want to be listed in and change them as you wish. This has a big advantage over most other kinds of advertising, in that they can easily be changed without having to create different ads which would be additional cost. You can add, change, delete or remove ads with a click of your mouse.

Pay per click campaigns are affordable to any business on the Internet. Small business owners can bid on any keywords or terms the same way large businesses can. It only depends on what you can afford. By choosing long tail keywords that the large companies don't often bid on, it is possible to draw a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Pay per click campaigns are a simple way to generate targeted traffic and potential customers to your website.

The higher a website is found in the search engine results, the greater the possibility the searcher will click on the website. Statistics show, however, that only about 15% of searchers click on the sponsored ads. This can be understood because searchers know that the sponsored ads are paid for advertising, and are more apt to click on natural or organic listings, the belief being the natural search results contain more relevant information which they are seeking.

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