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SEO Target Marketing – What exactly is meant by the term ?

SEO or search engine optimization is creating a website that the search engines are likely to rank high in their search indexes. Target marketing is a primary method to attract interested people to your  products or business. SEO Target Marketing is the use of search engine optimization (SEO) methods, to direct the interest of specific groups of searchers, through the search engines, to your website.

SEO Target Marketing or SEO Marketing as it is off times referred to in ecommerce, denotes having a keyword or keyword term in your domain name (url), meta tags, web page content and anchor text links. This can then draw specific people, who are searching the web, using well defined search words or phrases. This is as opposed to drawing visitors using general words or terms

Example:  "florida vacation"  vs. "disneyworld florida vacation"

As you can see from this simple example one is a generalization of a trip to Florida for a vacation, vs. the second example which is a trip to Disneyworld in Florida for a vacation. We could make the example much more definitive but the idea is conveyed. The Internet is a “word specific” entity.
Target Marketing is geared toward a specific customer, client or group of people you wishes to reach. It is also for a person who may be looking for a particular product or service to fulfill a need. Successful target marketing is to put these two resources together - the customer or client and the particular product or business.

A business proposing or having a website on the Internet must have the website developed or designed by a specialist who understands important SEO principles. This starts with choosing a domain name. When the Internet first achieved wide public usage in the mid 1990’s, the belief was that a short catchy domain name or one with the name of the business in it was preferable. Over the following years, as the number of letters in a domain name (url) was increased to 63, it allowed for broader naming. It was also believed that having a domain name solely made up of generic words was frowned upon, because it did not allow for branding which is so important to many businesses. This excluded one word names such as,, and such. These were fought over and horded like gold. Some were later resold for incredible sums of money.


  •              $ 12  - $ 14 million
  •      $ 7.5 - $   8million
  •             $  7    million
  • as seen on     $ 5.1  million

Today “domain real estate” as it is called, is treated the same way one treats their home or other tangible real estate. The value of a particular domain name or website property is based on the amount of traffic it receives and the sales generated from it. Just as SEO Target Marketing is used to attract visitors, the domain name of a website can be used to do the same. Something such as “cheap digital” can draw an enormous amount of search engine traffic, more so than a popular digital camera manufacturer or retailer.

We believe that it is possible in this new world of the Internet, to use generic domain names as a Target Marketing tool. People today are getting more "search savy" than ever. They search for specific products, services and information on the web. This is how generic domain names become useful. It is a fast changing world and only those who keep up with the changes will benefit.

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