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Search engines are the main way people using the Internet find web sites. The higher ranked websites get more traffic than those found further down the results page. Of course, everyone wants to be number one for any given search term, but there can only be one number one for each search term.

If you are successful enough to have your website appear in the top twenty results, consider yourself a success. There are millions of websites having the same search term. You can see how many there are when the result page shows up after a search. This creates a problem. How do I get my page to the first few pages of search results?

The answer is simple, but the method is highly technical. Search Engine Optimization is the process by which search engines locate a website and index or rank them in their database. The ranking is determined by the websites meeting certain criteria set in the particular search engines algorithm. This is the only non-paid method of achieving high search engine positioning. Search Engine Optimization is a scientific field of study to understand how search engines work and the many different criteria used in determining where to place a website in their database. Search Engine Optimization is important in e-commerce for many of the major search engines are crawler based. More will be discussed later in our site.

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