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Search Engine Optimization
Tips # 1

Here are a few tips which we think are beneficial for anyone who does optimization or is considering an optimization job on their website. 

  1. You have only seconds to catch the visitors attention.  You must have what your website is about boldly announced as soon as the visitors eye catches the page. 
  2. If your website downloads too slowly you will lose the visitor.  They will move on.
  3. If you have too much “stuff” on your page, the visitor will not know where to look, be confused, and leave.
  4. If your background and text colors are not appealing, the visitor will leave.  It would be like looking at an ugly picture or artwork.
  5. If the size of the print is too small to be easily read, people will leave.  How many people wear glasses?
  6. If the web page is too long, people will not spend the time to read it so shorter is better.  If a visitor has to scroll down a lot, you will lose them.  Short, straight to the point is better.  This often is not compatible with good optimization methods.  A balancing technique must be used.
  7. Frames are not compatible with search engine optimization algorithms, so they should not be used.  It is more of a lazy person’s method of website design in our opinion.
  8. Flash is in for some, but all optimization specialists know that it is a death wish if one is considering optimization.  It takes time to load, can be fun to look at and may convey a  terrific  visual message.  The only problem is search engine spiders cannot crawl it.  Therefore, it does not help if you want your page to be found high in the search engine results.  The search engine spiders can only crawl static pages.  We do not recommend flash.

Bookmark us now and check in with us again for more tips.


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