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    Link Exchange is a major factor in Search Engine Optimization.  The more “good”, “authoritative”, “trusted” websites that your site links to the more popular your website must be.  Google watchers suggest that the number of “good” websites you are linked to is the most important  factor that Google uses in determining how high your website is ranked in their index.  By linking, you are also increasing the potential number of visitors who will come to your website from these link partners.  One must be careful to only link to “good” websites.  Having related text in the anchor title is also important as it tells visitors what kind of website they are going to if they click on to it.  It also has significant importance in how search engines index or rank your website.  Reciprocal links pertaining to similar subject matter carry far more weight in search engines than links that are general or may not be related to the subject matter of your website.













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