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         Today more than 85% of all website traffic comes from the search engines. The major search engines Google, Yahoo, Msn and provide the majority of that traffic. SEO Services are provided by many website design and development companies. Many of these companies  guarantee to get your website to the top of the search engine results page. It is unrealistic to offer this, as many keywords bring millions of results when the terms are searched. Often, it is found, that these companies optimize  search terms or keyword phrases that are rarely, if ever searched. They do this to justify to the customer, that they have fulfilled their guarantee. True, they can rank high for many search terms, but in reality, these terms rarely bring any traffic to the website.

       A potential client recently showed me the logs from his website. It was being optimized and developed by a SEO Services firm that he had previously hired. He was thrilled by the report, as it showed that his website ranked # 1 for many search terms. I told him that it certainly looked good, but how much traffic was he getting, and how much of his product was he selling ? After I checked the search terms on Wordtracker, Google Adwords and Overture, I found the terms his website was optimized for, were rarely if ever searched. After I showed him what I had found, he realized that his traffic and sales where not what they could be.

      Some SEO Services firms use this tactic. They tell their client that it is to difficult to optimize their website for the more highly competitive and  trafficked search terms, but they can get good traffic from less commonly searched phrases or terms. This happens to be true, but they chose keyword terms that are rarely searched, because  it’s easier to get a high ranking.

      When choosing to hire an SEO firm, not only is it important to know who their clients are, but also where their client’s websites rank in the search engine results. You should also try to find out which search terms the websites were optimized for. You want to consider hiring a company that consistently gets their client’s websites in the top results for commonly used search terms. Good search engine optimization services are not cheap, and the results can not be seen in a week or two. It does take time.

       SEO Services done properly require a lot of skill and knowledge. We at JLI Consulting, Inc. believe that we are one of the best SEO companies.. We have been very successful in achieving high ranking, for highly competitive search terms. We analyze search terms that you suggest, and that we research for your type business or service. You then select the keywords and terms that you want to target for your website.

        Consider JLI CONSULTING when you want high search engine ranking. We produce results.

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