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Higher search engine ranking is achievable with good search engine optimization. Everyone on the internet wants their website to have a higher search engine ranking. Unless you are already ranked number one for a particular search term, even a one spot jump in ranking can be very significant. Statistics show that the number one position for any particular search term result, gets about 40% of the clicks threw, while the number two position gets approximately 12%. That is a difference of nearly 250% more visitors by being one position higher. That can be a difference of hundreds of visitors each day. Would you want a higher search engine ranking? A higher ranking also afford greater exposure for the products or services you sell, and increases brand exposure and of course generates greater traffic to the website.

Higher search engine ranking can only be achieved by having a website expertly optimized by a search engine optimization specialist. There are however, some websites that do achieve high ranking without expert search engine optimization. Usually it is by accident and the website owner only thinks he knows what was done to get there. As a search engine optimization expert, I can look and tell why this happened, and what I need to do to obtain a higher ranking.

Our firm is very serious about search engine ranking because we are the experts. Using ethical search engine optimization methods and techniques, we will apply these your website to reach higher search engine ranking. The methods used employ all of the aspects of the search engine’s algorithms. These include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Website Analysis
  • Enhanced Page Layout
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Optimized Body Text
  • Link Campaign Strategy
  • Architectural and Navigational Structure
  • Proper Coding and Linking

Many website design and development companies do not have SEO experts. They may be excellent in design and development skills, but have only a basic knowledge of optimization. You don’t have to take my word for it, but there are only twenty positions on the first two pages of the search engine results out of millions of websites with the same search term. Why can’t those companies who propose to be proficient in optimization and development get their web sites to the top pages. This is why most websites they design do not achieve high search engine ranking.

There  can only be thirty websites ranked at the top of the search engine for any search term. There are many other reasons a website may not rank high. Search engine optimization is a very exact science. It requires interaction with the client in many aspects, ie. the selection of keywords to be optimized, objectives of the website and the long term goals, etc.The website also requires ongoing monitoring and adjustment, as the search engines frequently change parts of their algorithms.Tweaking of the website must be done on an ongoing basis in order to maintain its ranking.

Remember, if the website is not found in the top ten or twenty results, it has little chance to be found.

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