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Keyword Research

        Keyword Research is a critical part of any website success on the Internet. As the Internet has evolved, keyword research has become more important. In the beginning most people selected cool names for their websites  ie.  Google, Yahoo, Ebay and ClickZ . Other companies, with strong brand recognition, used their brand names for their websites  ie.,, . They were afforded access to their own brand names, as trademarked names are protected from anyone else using them on the Internet. Many large companies also acquired short, easy to remember, generic domain names that were referable to their businesses. This was done to further enhanced their Internet presence.


  • Bank of America  -
  • U-Haul –
  • Honda – and
  • Bayer –
  • Barnes & Noble –
  • Disney –
  • –
  • Travelocity –
  • Procter and Gamble – and 

       People tend to remember generic domain names more easily, because these are the words that we use in our everyday common  language.

       Today Keyword Research is more important than ever. We now know how people find the things they are looking for on the Internet. Most, about 90%, use words or phrases similar to common everyday spoken language. Also, most people use search engines to find what they are looking for. The major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Msn and deliver more than 95% of all traffic to websites. If you want to receive any traffic to your website, you must appear within the first three pages of the search engine results. When doing Keyword Research, we suggest people choose long tail generic terms for their domain names.

        Generic words or terms are what people enter into the search box found near the top of every browser. Almost all single, and two word generic domain names, have already been taken by users or speculators. It is still possible, however, to get three and four word generic domain names that will receive significant amounts of traffic.

        More people search using three and four word terms, than a single word. This is a result of better education on how the Internet functions. We have learned that using single or two word searches, bring to broad search results, often with a lot of irrelevant websites and information. This then requires additional searching using more specific search words. By using longer search terms from the start, we have found we are able to get the specific results that we want.

         It has recently been reported, that the average search on Google consists of a four word phrase.


  • " best price on binoculars "
  • " cosmetic surgeon in Philadelphia "
  • " anti aging skin care "
  • " all inclusive vacation resorts "
  • " celine dion concert tickets "
  • " granite kitchen counter top "

             It is easy to see that entering a longer search string will bring   more accurate results from the search engines. Many three and four word domain names are still available and doing good Keyword Research will help you find them.
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