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Why is web site page layout important for Search Engine Optimization?

Most people, when they think about creating a web page, think of how nice the page will look. This usually entails Flash, pictures, fancy logos etc. Their prime thinking is that when a visitor comes to the site, they will be knocked out by how the pages look. It sounds right but in the real world of the Internet it is not right. In most cases, these “fancy” looking websites have little chance of being ranked high in the search engines. If your website cannot be found by the search engines, it has slim or no value no matter how nice or fancy it looks.

When building a web page, the most important factors are the text content and the placement of key words or key word phrases within that content. The pages should be visually appealing as it applies to the colors of the background and the text . Pictures and tables can be used where necessary. They may increase the visual appeal and break the monotony of only having text. The position and placement of elements within the pages should be organized and visually complimentary.

Too many websites have a hodgepodge of pictures, graphics, and texts scattered around so that when a visitor arrives at the website, they may not know where to look for the information they are seeking. In our opinion, simple presentation is better. Many website designers do not understand how search engine optimization works. They were mostly trained in graphics and website design. Search engine optimization came later on. In today’s Internet market place websites must be built from the beginning with optimization in mind. Let us build your website that it not only looks good but can be found prominently in the search engines.

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