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     The main goal of the search engine is to deliver to the user the most relevant information available for the keywords that they have entered in the search box.  The first results should be the most useful information for the particular search term.  The search engines work constantly to achieve this goal – to deliver the most useful results to the searcher.  There are many excellent websites that do not achieve high ranking in the search engines.  The reason why is that although the information within the website is of top quality, it is not presented to the search engine in a format that the search engine’s spiders can deliver to fit the search engine’s algorithm to achieve the best ranking.  That is why the SEO expert is so important.  They study the search engines and attempt to decipher the different algorithms (or rule sets) of each.  If they are successful, they can then use that information to provide the website owner a format that the search engine can then crawl and can rank the site high in the search engine’s results.  This is an ongoing process as the search engines frequently change their algorithms in an attempt to achieve the most pertinent results. 

       Our goal is to provide you with the best opportunity to have your website rank high in the search engine results pertinent to your product or service.  The higher your website is found in the results of a keyword search, the more valuable it is.  If you are ranked at or near the top of the search engine’s results, the searcher will assume that Google, Yahoo, and MSN consider your website to be a top authority for the particular search term. This creates the trust that enables you to convert their visitors to customers.

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