Customized Web Content Management Systems

Specifically Designed To Allow You to Change Webpage Content

Designing webpages for on-line content management is our speciality.

We design customized, password protected pages so our clients can control what content is presented to their visitors, as often as they want. Our management pages are easy to use, and we create easy-to-read instructional guidelines. All of our management pages allow our clients to add new text (and/or any other content that might change frequently) and upload images as often as desired.

Customers have used these to list classes for a yoga studio, boats for a boat dealer, and parts for a manufacturer. Restaurants have used these to update their menus and special events. And our e-commerce experience makes it easy to set up and maintain a shopping presence where the content can be ever changing and the client has the ability to add and modify items at will. The ability to manage content has allowed clients to modify their site as often as they want and from where they want (since it's web based), but we are always available if needed.

Search Engines rank your site higher when it is refreshed often, so the ability to change content on your site has the added benefit of assising with higher ranking.

We also have the ability to create custom programming, interfacing with databases to present information in a unique and timely way. We have created zip code locators, spec converters and specialized spreadsheet data converters, and can create custom code to perform any task needed.

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