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JLI Consulting excels at optimizing search engine placementWhen designing your website for viewing on the Internet, serious consideration should be given to Search Engine Optimization. If no one can find your website, your time and efforts have been wasted. The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to have a website that is not only recognized by the main search engines but also receives a high ranking placement in the search engine results pages. This will then lead to increased traffic for your website, either increasing sales and profits or delivering information the owner wishes to provide to visitors.

When creating a website, it must be designed keeping Search Engine Optimization principles in mind. You must consider what your website will look like, not only to those who you wish to target, but also how the major search engines will view it. The layout and content must be arranged in a “search engine friendly” manner.

Some people think that they can learn how to do it this through experimentation. Others know they need to focus on the content of their site, leaving optimization for the experts who have learned these techniques. The task of Search Engine Optimization should be handled by professionals, because placement is just too important to experiment with.

Search Engines rank your site higher when it is refreshed often, so the ability to change content on your site has the added benefit of contributing to a higher ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is what will determine success or failure for a site. It will determine if a website will be found easily and quickly by visitors who are looking for specific content, or whether it will be so far down in search results that it will not be seen. Remember, if your website is not found in the first few pages of search engine results, it has little value to the web site owner.

The Search Engine Optimization process requires an understanding of :

  • Domain name research and optimization techniques
  • Website design to enhance placement
  • Keyword rich content
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Link navigation and structure
  • Coding optimization
  • Linking strategies
  • Website submission techniques
  • and more.

The bottom line is that it takes years to learn and develop the skills to do Search Engine Optimization well. To make things more difficult, the search engines change their algorithms, modifying the factors at intervals. This then requires a website to be monitored on an ongoing basis, and changed appropriately to maintain its search engine ranking.

We know there is much more to having a website than Search Engine Optimization; however, we also know it is where everything starts.

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